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It gives me great pleasure to host Lori J. Gordon once again. She has something exciting to tell us, so I’ll let her have the floor:

The Adventure continues on June 17th when Rebel Ink Press presents Book 2 in the Lost Night Trilogy, Castle Of Doom.

If you haven’t read book 1 yet, Rebel Ink Press will be offering Black Night, for only .99 cents on Amazon June 7-9.

I hope you will take advantage of the sale and enjoy reading Black Night as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank You,

Lori J. Gordon


Sienna James must face the harsh realities that exist outside her sheltered world when she falls in love with the grandson of a rival planet’s evil ruler. Attempting to break off the doomed relationship, Sienna is kidnapped and forced into a marriage designed to destroy her father’s empire.

Johnny Black risks his life in order to rescue his unrequited love, Sienna. In order to escape, the duo must work together on a harrowing journey to the other side of their captive world. Sienna admits that for her, Johnny's always been the one. But when a dark secret from his past is revealed, putting the couples' love to the ultimate test, Sienna must decide if she can ever trust Johnny again.


I looked at Marc. “You’re absolutely right. Sooner or later, death comes to all of us.” I held out the stinger I’d pulled from my pocket. Placing it against my side, I pushed the lever up. Everyone in the room froze when it clicked.

“Sienna. No. God, no,” Johnny choked out the words.

“I have to, Johnny. It’s the only way. If we can’t be together in life then we’ll be togetherin death.”

Marc threw his head back and laughed. “Go ahead. You think you’re the only girl in the galaxy?” He shook his head. I can have any girl I choose. Nathan and I will do just fine without you.”

“But what about your real child?” I silenced the room with my question.

Finally, Marc spoke, “Real child? Sienna, what the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about your…our unborn son or daughter.” I rubbed my hand over my stomach. “If I die, your baby dies with me.”

“You’re lying.”

“Are you willing to take that chance?”

“If you’re really carrying a baby, how do I know it’s mine,” he waved his gun at Johnny,“and not his?”

“Because, you’re the only one I’ve ever been with,” I lied.

“Yeah, right.” He looked back to Johnny, who protected my lie with a nod.“Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. She’s not that good.”

Marc looked back at me. “This changes things. I can’t risk killing my own child. I’ll let Johnny live until your baby’s identity’s confirmed.”

“You’ll let Johnny and Nathan go,” I corrected.

He shook his head. “Sienna, don’t be foolish. You know I can’t let Johnny go on your word. We’ll visit the doctor. Together. Once he verifies you’re pregnant with my child we’ll discuss Johnny’s fate.”

“No,” I shouted. “Johnny and Nathan leave now, or you’ll never see your child born.” Placing the stinger against my belly, I added, “Your choice.”

As I’d hoped, Marc started toward me, taking his attention off Johnny. I spared a quick glance behind me to see Nathan shivering against the wall.

“Stop right there,” I ordered Marc.

“Sienna, please.”He actually begged me. “We can work this out. I know we can.”

“Sorry, your charm won’t work this time.”

He inched closer. “Maybe you should ask Johnny what to do.” His voice dripped sarcasm as he tried to distract me. He was doing exactly what I wanted.

“I don’t need help deciding what to do.” I placed my finger on the injection button and waited. Just like I hoped he would, Marc lunged forward, reaching for my wrist. But he was too late. I’d secretly switched the stinger to my other hand. When he pulled my arm away from my stomach I stabbed him in the forearm just above the hold he had on my wrist.

The look on his face was a mixture of shock and disbelief as he spun toward Johnny. “See you in hell,” he gasped, pulling the trigger.

“Johnny,” I screamed at the same time Nathan rammed into Marc.

The shot went wide, barely missing Johnny when Nathan and Marc tumbled to the ground. With Nathan on top of him, Marc made one final gasp before his eyes rolled back. He was dead and I wasn’t sorry.

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Thank you, Lori, for the pleasure of hosting you today and good luck with your novels. And readers, please leave a comment for Lori. Thank you!




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