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Welcome to Author Jane Wakely:

Today is a fun day because Jane Wakely and I are trading spaces for interviews! We’ve answered the same questions and given insight into our writing styles and our novels. And if you read to the end of this blog, you’ll see Jane is offering a $20 Amazon Gift Card and all you have to do to enter is to leave a comment with your email below. Thanks for joining us today. You can find my interview with Jane at Enjoy and enter!!! 

Author name: Jane Wakely



1. How many hours a day do you usually spend writing? Do you write every day?

If I stick to my “work” schedule, I usually write about 4-5 hours a day, Monday through Friday. I don’t write on the weekends, but I will usually do admin or blog stuff for an hour or two on both days.  

2. Do you have a daily word goal? (Or other type of daily writing goal?)

I have a daily goal of 2K words, but I don’t always reach it. I’m a slow writer—I write and edit at the same time—and I will work on a section until I’m satisfied I can move on. Sometimes that gives me a lower word count for the day, but it’s worth it to get the words just right!  

3. How many books do you write/work on at a time?

I only work on one book at a time.  

4. Do you snack while you write?

Unless coffee counts, I don’t snack while writing!   

5. What’s your writing environment like? (Music, silence, etc?)

I have an office, but I use the kitchen table for writing when hubby and TG are at work/school. I enjoy the openness of the room and the view of our tiny backyard. I have to have silence when writing; no radio, TV, dishwasher, etc. When everyone is home, I use my office, but I can’t write unless it’s quiet. 

6. What’s your favorite genre/sub-genre to write? To read?

I love romance and will read any genre, but I prefer paranormal shifters and vamps. Shifters are my favorite genre to write!  

7. What are you reading now? Or just finished?

I just finished FOREVER by Rebecca Royce.  

8. Do you prefer to write series or stand-alone books? Which do you prefer to read?

I enjoy writing both, but I enjoy a series just a little bit more. It’s fun to put together a world and create characters that interact with each other in each book.

For reading, it’s a tie! I enjoy both and look for both when buying books—the only thing I don’t like is a cliffhanger ending!   

9. Do you plot? Or not?

Mostly not! I make a very flexible outline—sometimes a paragraph, sometimes more—and start writing. If things happen, I make notes and adjust the outline as needed. This tool is really useful when I have an idea I can’t start right way—I just keep adding notes/changes until it’s time to write the story.   

10. Finish this sentence: When I’m not writing I’m…

Reading! :) 

Please tell us about your book:  

Title: Jenn’s Wolf

Genre: Paranormal/Shifter Romance 


Jenn is used to being overlooked by men. She’s short, slim, shy and her past keeps her guarded against others—especially men. It also gets her labeled as having a “good personality.” When she sees Matt for the first time, she realizes he’s the first man she’s willing to take a chance on. 

Matt is a wolf shifter worried that he’ll never find his mate. Without a mate, a shifter’s life is incredibly drawn-out and lonely. Willing to try anything, he agrees to a blind date with Jenn and is stunned to find out she’s the one.  

A misunderstanding interrupts their first night together and leaves them both miserable. After determining she may have overreacted, Jenn apologizes and they agree to start over. When Matt tells her about his wolf, she has to decide whether to trust her heart or run from the only man she’s ever wanted. 


Jennifer and Christina had been college roommates their senior year and became fast friends. They relocated to Chestnut Rock together and now shared a small, affordable apartment. That had been two years ago.  

Jennifer was happy she had Christina in her life. Her best friend kept her from locking herself away and hiding from the world. Christina taught her that people sometimes drink in social situations, but they didn’t always get drunk or make a scene. Though she still had qualms, Jennifer could now have a good time in situations where friends may have a drink or two.  

Christina had wanted to go what she called “man shopping,” which basically meant “go to the bar and look at hot guys!” Jennifer agreed to come along.  

While Christina had no trouble finding dates, Jennifer was a bit more challenged. The two friends were as different as night and day. Christina was tall and blond with blue eyes and a bubbly personality. Jennifer was short with brown hair and brown eyes. She was reserved which most people took as timid and sometimes rude or snobby. It was hard for her to meet people and without Christina’s help, she might have ended up friendless and alone for the rest of her life. Luckily, that didn’t happen and her friend even convinced her to go on a blind date set up by one of her co-workers. The date was tomorrow night. 

The group in the center roared with laughter again and the one with his back to her stepped to the right and bent over to look at his friend’s phone. Jenn could see the group more clearly now and her gaze stopped on the tall piece of awesome standing closest to the bar. If they were truly “man shopping,” she’d buy him and take him home. 

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